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Friday, December 13, 2013

Why is it dangerous to walk on water using a ball?

 Have you dreamed to get inside a ball of air and walk on water ? It is an American fashion resorts and tourist areas. But the government says it is not safe.

 After the person is input to the large plastic ball , the charge the pump inflated with air through an opening , which is then closed, making it sealed . The person who goes inside can roll or walk on water and other surfaces, including ice and grass, like a mouse inside a sphere.
Why is it dangerous?
The Safety Commission Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC ) U.S. explains that oxygen may run inside the ball , and can achieve levels of carbon dioxide ( exhaled by humans) dangerous in minutes . People with medical conditions such as heart or lung and breathing problems , may be at increased risk of harm.
Another problem is that the ball does not have an emergency exit , the lock can be opened only from the outside , therefore , people may be trapped inside the sphere , increasing the risk of injury or death .
If the ball strikes out or breaks , members could drown . Besides the ball does not contain padding, and who will be inside her injury when struck against a hard surface or against another sphere passenger said Time Healthland .
two cases
The commission received two reports of injuries caused by this activity where two young children were wounded : last year , a 5 year old girl collapsed in a ball for a short period (probably from lack of oxygen ) , and a small child broke his arm when he fell into the ball from an elevated pool to the ground.
According to manufacturers their products are safe if used correctly . Certain manufacturer offers 30 minutes of oxygen dentre ball and walks 7-10 minutes. A proposal is made ​​to manufacturers who install a handle inside the ball to open from the inside, but still no response . For now the ball has been banned in some states and has denied permission to use it.

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