Esde Color Ceruleo: Students should sleep eight hours

Friday, December 13, 2013

Students should sleep eight hours

Recommend seven hours of sleep for adults and if physical work is done , half an hour is needed most
" A college student with an average of 21 years has spent seven of them sleeping ," revealed Dr. Moo neuroscience Jesus Estrella, professor at the Faculty of Psychology at the Autonomous University of Yucatan ( Uady ) .

" Adequate sleep allows optimal mental and physical performance during the day ," said the specialist emphasized that "for a 21 year old student is eight hours needed to sleep and seven adult person dedicated to the academy , if the esfĂ­sico it work , this involves at least half an hour of sleep , "he said .
Star Moo said that when not satisfied with the time and depth of sleep, ie sleep only five or six hours , the effects result in premature aging and with this, fewer years of life.
He explained that " when a student does not meet the time of proper sleep has a tired brain , exhausted to put and keep the attention and the little that receives not consolidated efficiently and the same happens on the physical plane , where the impact results in people with low performance . "
Regarding the elderly , explained that in people above 65 years the average rest is up to six hours with naps around noon of 20 to 30 minutes , tops. " If you make longer naps have trouble sleeping at night ," he added .

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