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Friday, December 13, 2013

Why is it dangerous to walk on water using a ball?

 Have you dreamed to get inside a ball of air and walk on water ? It is an American fashion resorts and tourist areas. But the government says it is not safe.

 After the person is input to the large plastic ball , the charge the pump inflated with air through an opening , which is then closed, making it sealed . The person who goes inside can roll or walk on water and other surfaces, including ice and grass, like a mouse inside a sphere.
Why is it dangerous?
The Safety Commission Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC ) U.S. explains that oxygen may run inside the ball , and can achieve levels of carbon dioxide ( exhaled by humans) dangerous in minutes . People with medical conditions such as heart or lung and breathing problems , may be at increased risk of harm.
Another problem is that the ball does not have an emergency exit , the lock can be opened only from the outside , therefore , people may be trapped inside the sphere , increasing the risk of injury or death .
If the ball strikes out or breaks , members could drown . Besides the ball does not contain padding, and who will be inside her injury when struck against a hard surface or against another sphere passenger said Time Healthland .
two cases
The commission received two reports of injuries caused by this activity where two young children were wounded : last year , a 5 year old girl collapsed in a ball for a short period (probably from lack of oxygen ) , and a small child broke his arm when he fell into the ball from an elevated pool to the ground.
According to manufacturers their products are safe if used correctly . Certain manufacturer offers 30 minutes of oxygen dentre ball and walks 7-10 minutes. A proposal is made ​​to manufacturers who install a handle inside the ball to open from the inside, but still no response . For now the ball has been banned in some states and has denied permission to use it.

Bride marries wedding guest

Does the boyfriend left her at the altar? No problem, marries one of the guests.
That was the case of the young Indian P.Ponradha, who being abandoned on her wedding day, married one of her relatives who offered to let her not embarrassed, reported the Huffington Post.

According to U.S. media, citing the newspaper Malaysia, Nanban, J. Sithiraivelu quarreled with his family and disappeared just before the ceremony.
"Her family became hysterical because they affect the future marriage of girl," the Times of India published.
After the "heroic" offering family, the wedding went (almost) as planned.

Students should sleep eight hours

Recommend seven hours of sleep for adults and if physical work is done , half an hour is needed most
" A college student with an average of 21 years has spent seven of them sleeping ," revealed Dr. Moo neuroscience Jesus Estrella, professor at the Faculty of Psychology at the Autonomous University of Yucatan ( Uady ) .

" Adequate sleep allows optimal mental and physical performance during the day ," said the specialist emphasized that "for a 21 year old student is eight hours needed to sleep and seven adult person dedicated to the academy , if the esfĂ­sico it work , this involves at least half an hour of sleep , "he said .
Star Moo said that when not satisfied with the time and depth of sleep, ie sleep only five or six hours , the effects result in premature aging and with this, fewer years of life.
He explained that " when a student does not meet the time of proper sleep has a tired brain , exhausted to put and keep the attention and the little that receives not consolidated efficiently and the same happens on the physical plane , where the impact results in people with low performance . "
Regarding the elderly , explained that in people above 65 years the average rest is up to six hours with naps around noon of 20 to 30 minutes , tops. " If you make longer naps have trouble sleeping at night ," he added .

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Wedding dresses in green

2013 trends for brides are many, one of them is to change the traditional white dresses by your favorite color.
For some time the collections of wedding dresses have been popular in designs including blue, red and board.

But for spring-summer 2013 collections designers have opted for wedding dresses in "green". This tone has impacted a lot of women, thousands of pronovias have already chosen their future wedding dress in green.

Most collections have worked on the green scale, so we can find the perfect shade for every skin test. We must remember that green sit well with brunettes and blondes, just that some tones are brighter than others and that you feel should be seen as each skin and figure.

The color green symbolizes nature and hope, is a very elegant and sensual tone. Also gives us the opportunity to combine it with colors like gold, silver, ocher and white.

Moreover green dresses for weddings are special ecological, since you can combine your dress with garden decoration.